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When building your new custom home you not only get to plan the design for your interior living space, but also the outdoor living space. The yard and its surrounding areas can all be made into a wonderful oasis for you and your family to enjoy. By planning your landscaping ahead and working with a professional you can enhance your homes ambiance and curb appeal for years to come and add features that everyone in your family can enjoy year-round.

Before you purchase land it is best to get your builder or landscape professional involved early as they have your best interests in mind and understand what features you are looking for in your outdoor space.  Not every lot will be the perfect fit for everyone. Think about what uses you desire and discuss with your chosen professional whether the lay of the land will meet your needs. Some things to ask and consider:

  • Do you have any pets that require an outdoor living space?

  • Are fenced yards allowed?

  • Do you have children that you would like a flat play space for?

  • Do you wish to include any water features such as a pool, hot tub, or a pond?

  • Do require a main floor patio or is a deck a better fit?

  • Do you love to entertain and require an outdoor kitchen?

  • Are there any special areas such as a garden or fruit trees you wish to include?

  • How much time do you wish to spend on maintenance in the future?

  • What view is most important to you for your outdoor space?

These questions can all help guide you to what features are most important to you in your future space. If you answered yes to having children and pets, then a yard with more room to run and play may take precedence over a yard with beautiful butterfly gardens and water features. Perhaps you wish to have a low maintenance yard so a yard with a large patio and less grass may be appealing. Working with a professional can be the best way to ensure your space can meet all of your needs.

The next thing to determine is your budget for the outdoor portion of the upcoming project. The recommended amount is 10% of your overall budget for your custom home project but this can vary largely based on the individual. If you wish to have a more elaborate outdoor living space, you may spend more and if you just want a simple backyard you may spend much less. Working with your builder or landscape professional who has your budget in mind can help create the space to best fit you.

Making your landscaping vision a reality starts with the design phase. In this phase the digging and building begin, and the rough shape of your yard will begin to take place. This is when any flower beds will be built, water features will be dug like pools and ponds, and patios or decks will be installed. Soon after the surfacing phase will take over, this is when the correct soil for your yard is chosen and new grass is planted, or sod is laid. In Michigan it often best to grow grass or lay sod in early spring and fall due to the mild temps and rainfall, if done in the summer you will need to take additional care and extra watering may be necessary.

The last stage of your new space can then begin, the construction phase. During the construction phase plant beds are established, patios are built and lighting is installed to help highlight the beauty that has been created.

No matter the type of outdoor space you wish to have Whitmore Custom Homes is happy to work with you to help build you the custom home of your dreams inside and out! Whitmore Custom Homes is focused on ensuring every step of your home building process is a positive experience and we can’t wait to work with you!

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