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The winters here in Michigan can be absolutely brutal. This winter especially, we’ve experience storm after storm followed by warm ups and freezes and numerous amounts of days off school. While Michigan summers are like no other it is important to be prepared for the long winter months when they do come. When building your custom home it’s best to plan for the winter blues and add an extra space to keep your family busy during the long days. Spaces such as a craft room, playroom, or home gym can facilitate more family time, play time, and productivity.

There are many ways you can be sure your home is prepared for the winter blues when building a custom home. Is there a place for the children to get out their energy when they cannot play outside during storms? Do you have a space to stay productive if you can’t make it into work? All of these things are great to consider as well as the spaces that come with them.

Home Gym

When you can’t get outside a home gym is perfect for keeping up on your routine and getting the families energy out. Add some cardio equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike to help get in a walk or bike ride when the weather is adverse. You can search online for yoga and fitness classes to do in your gym. Adding a sauna or tanning bed to your gym can also add a personal touch and amount of relaxation.


What better place is there for your children to let their imagination free on long winter days then in a playroom? Playrooms can be customized for your children’s toys and books, whatever their specific interests are the room can suit their needs. As your children grow the room can grow and adapt with them, make it into a room for playing board games, watching movies, and playing video games. Add some game tables like ping pong and foosball to make it a room all ages can enjoy that will continue to grow with your family.

Craft Room

Creativity can be the key to getting outside of your dreary winter slump. A craft room can be a wonderful addition to any home. You can make it a room for painting, scrapbooking, sewing, photography, or any other creative outlet. Having a place you can get your creative juices flowing and help your family let out their inner artist.

Home Library/Office

Not being able to get into work can have severe consequences on your business. Having a home office or library where you can work quietly without distractions is important. A functional home office can make all the difference in your productivity. A home library can be the perfect place to spend a snowy day cozied up with your favorite book and a warm beverage or reading to your children.

Whatever space or spaces you may choose for your custom home it won’t be hard to beat the winter blues. You can customize your home to fit your dreams and needs, if its a dark room or a room to brew beer. The sky is the limit when you design your own place. At Whitmore Custom Homes we can design your perfect home with any bonus room you desire. Contact us here with your ideas and needs and we’ll design a home for your family or call (616) 446-3482.

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