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2018 has arrived and, with it, a whole host of new home building and decorating trends that are sure to be around for quite some time. If you’ve been thinking of building your own custom home, or redecorating the home you live in now, be sure to check out these top trends to look for in the new year for a bit of style inspiration!


The rustic, farmhouse look has always been classic, but as our technology continues to improve and take over our homes and decorating styles, many homeowners are craving more natural elements to balance out the industrial feel of all that tech and steel. Wood floors, accent beams, and wood furniture like stools and doors add that natural, handmade element that makes a home feel like it’s truly yours. Plan on seeing a comeback of more than just wood floors, as natural colored cabinets are likely to become more popular this year, as are wooden shelves and rustic mantels.


Metallics are a new, modern accent that we’re starting to see a lot of. Since monochromatic rooms have been popular lately, metallic finishes are a great option to help you stay within a color palette while still adding a bit of dimension and visual interest. Though metallic fabrics used to be seen as a wild statement, they’re more commonplace now and offer an ideal way to add a bit of modernity and life to rooms with natural color palettes, as well as the ever-popular grey-scale color theme.


Modern style homes tend to rely on primarily monochromatic color schemes—blues, greys, whites, and nudes are especially popular this year— which is why intense accent colors have recently become more and more popular. It’s a great way to spice up a modern-feeling room and add a bit of fun, while still retaining the elegant nature and flow of a more modern home. This bright blue wet bar is the perfect accent to the light grey room it’s in, and helps convey the light, fun feeling the custom homeowners were looking for in this walk-out entertainment space.


Open floor plans are a classic trend that’s been around for a while now, and with that sort of open interior flow, open shelving is also becoming more of a trend. Where cabinets tend to hide and obscure lines of vision, open shelves ensure that your kitchen maintains the same airy, open feel as the rest of your home. They’re the perfect addition to both rustic and modern kitchens, offering a sleek, clean look wherever you put them. We love how the open shelves of this second kitchen contrast the dark cabinetry by offering a bit of light and flow over the sink.


In the year of 2018, we’re no strangers to technology. With the rise of personal home assistants like Alexa and Google Home, home automation has become increasingly attractive. Today, many custom homeowners work to incorporate smart lights and automated temperature control into their new homes to ensure energy savings and ease of use. Smart lights are able to detect motion to turn lights on or off, and can be hooked up to personal home assistants like Alexa and Google Home, so that all you have to do is ask the assistant to turn on or off certain light sets. Smart lights are an ideal way to start automating your home for increased energy efficiency as well as personal convenience. If you’re building a home this year, be sure to think about smart lights before you get too far along in the building process.


Paneled and textured walls are making their comeback. With the many popular neutral and monochromatic color schemes today, many homeowners are looking to add a bit of visual interest, and a patterned or paneled accent wall is one of the best ways to do it. In 2018, you’re likely to see more and more bold, geometric-patterned wall coverings, as well as classic paneled walls like this one, to break up and accent classic color palettes.


Bright white kitchens are here to stay. Though many choose to accent their kitchens with wood treatments, metallics, or even one or two colors for the island or furniture, a sleek, streamlined white kitchen is still iconic. You’ll continue to see a great deal of white subway tile and white cabinetry through 2018, as it remains a classic, clean look that fits any home style, from farmhouse to modern.


In 2018, plan to see quite a few more novelty sink options. The farmhouse sink has been making quite the comeback lately, and we plan to see that trend continue into bathrooms with hand painted and handmade sink bowls, as well as unique industrial hardware and faucets. A novelty sink is a great way to add interest and play up personality in smaller rooms like the bathroom.


Fringe is an ideal style choice when juxtaposed with modern design that feels very elegant and restrained. It’s the perfect complement to straight, clean lines and it gives your home a bit of warmth, without seeming funky or weird. Look for fringed throw pillows and blankets in neutral colors like the one above this year, as you’ll see them everywhere, and be sure to watch for fringed ottomans and footstools as the style becomes more prevalent.

Though these are likely to be some of the most popular home trends of 2018, it’s good to remember that when you build a custom home, you get to pick the trends and designs that best suit your personal style. Regardless of which trends you like best, you’ll have the power to incorporate styles that speak to you in your own custom-built home. So, if a new house is in the plans for the year of 2018, be sure to get in touch with a trusted, local custom home builder like Whitmore Homes. We’ve been building custom homes for years now, and strive to make each and every one of our projects fit our clients’ personal taste and style precisely. For a home that’s truly yours, be sure to call us at 616-499-6209 or contact us online today for more information.

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