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After the cold, long winter, the onset of Spring is a welcomed time for many. Seeing the snow begin to melt away and the grass reappear brings joy to many homeowners, but it can also be a time for problems to arise. Drainage issues, roof leaks, and maintenance oversights tend to come to light in the worst possible ways this time of year. Depending on the amount of snow left it may not be possible to get them properly fixed right away either, but follow these few tips to help prevent any major issues until the snow finally disappears.

Clear the Snow

Snow build up can lead to drainage and leakage problems as it melts. To solve this issue be sure to clear the snow away from the foundation of your home, especially along the highest outer wall. Move the snow to the lower part of your yard where it can easily drain away, instead of building up against your home and leaking into your basement. Clearing snow off of your roof is another great way to prevent possible leaks, especially if you have a flat roof. Do not, however, break away or chip at any ice, as this may cause more damage to your roof.

Check Drainage Outlets

While checking and clearing your roof, check its drainage system. Make sure your system isn’t clogged or bent. This includes downspouts, gutters and your foundation drain. Downspouts should empty away from the foundation of your home. In times of high moisture it may be best to add a flexible extension to ensure water isn’t building up near your home.

Check Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump is there to help keep water out of your basement. It gives the drain tile around your foundation and under your basement floor a place to drain before the water enters your basement. Be sure to turn it on and check that it is working. Lift the float up and it should turn on to mimic the float rising with the level of water. Also, be sure to check your basement for valuables that may be improperly stored or need to be moved in case of a flood. Your basement and its belongings are the most vulnerable in the event of a flood, therefore precautions should be taken to ensure your most treasured items are safe and secure.

Check For Faucet Leaks

Outdoor faucets that haven’t been used all winter can be prone to leaks. The stem leading to the faucets can break if water freezes inside them and may burst. Always check for leaks before using any faucets.

At Whitmore Homes, we pride ourselves on constructing top of the line custom built homes in the West Michigan area. We will help you pick out all of the right safety and construction measures to keep your home in its best shape for years to come.

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